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Jeepers, what happened there! At the start of turn 3 I was feeling pretty good about my position, lets take a look at the board above:

At this point I’m a ship up after the left most Raider deployed it’s external racks and took down the Neb-B last turn. Said Raider is carrying 2 damage cards, but I figured Chris might have to direct the MC80s broadside at it if he wanted to stop it slipping away. Overall I was looking forward to delivering heavy damage to the MC80 with the expectation of finishing it off next turn.

What actually happened:

Rebel Activation 1: the MC30 reveals Concentrate Firepower and decides to take ackbar’s broadsides benefit, tossing 4 black, 2 blue & 2 red into Demolisher (uh, what?) thanks to re-rolls from Ordnance experts and his token, the Rebel vessel generates 10 damage along with the crucial accuracy needed to cancel the Gladiator’s Brace, in a flash my main gunship is destroyed by a single shot. To manage this Chris needed 0 blank results plus 2 or more double hits, between ordnence experts and the CF token this is only a slightly above average roll.

Imperial Activation 1: The Quasar Fire activates, throwing my fighters forward into the rebels, ensuring all the rebel Squadrons are engaged, killing a couple and dealing good damage generally. it also activated it’s disposable capacitors to put a little more damage on the hammerhead and scratch the MC80’s front shields a bit. I could have activated the undamaged Raider to attack the MC80, but i was conscious that would leave me on the other side of the ship and grant the Rebels a double broadside into both the Raiders, I was also expecting a Squadron command from the enemy flaship to allow the rebel fighters to bomb my ships. By leaving it till later in the turn I hopped my opponent would choose to deliver a guaranteed kill shot to the damaged Raider, instead of taking a chance on the undamaged one.

Rebel Activation 2: The MC80 generates another CF Ackbar broadside and explodes the corvette.

So what went wrong here? I think I’ve found some primary errors:

  • Demolisher in Hyperspace: I think this should have been one of the Corvettes instead, Demolisher was my most powerful ship, and putting it in hyperspace denied me the use of it’s signature ability.
  • Poor choice on the Hyperspace exit point: while selecting my exit point I got so focused on avoiding the MC80’s side arc that I completely forgot about the even more potent Torpedo Frigate. Particularly foolish since the MC80 was going to have a choice of targets anyway – giving it an extra one would not have been particularly painful. Indeed, if the MC80 had targeted it and failed to kill it, a very likely outcome, this might have kept both the ships in play.

I’m also slightly second guessing my list at this point: A Victory 1 would make an excellent Hyperspace Assaulter, even if kept very cheap with just Boarding Troopers or similar. That would possible be a swap out for the corvettes, i’d want to try to squeeze in a gozanti in that scenario to keep up the activations.

Next time Rebels!