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Well, that went better than expected.


I probably shouldn’t be so surprised as my plan actually worked largely as intended! Although it wasn’t without a healthy dose of luck – taking down the Demolisher in one shot is a feat I’ll probably never pull off again.

My escort ships did what they needed to. The Nebulon didn’t make much of an impact with some poor shooting and going down surprisingly quickly. Still, I’d not expected it to survive the game and it did what I needed it to do – soaking up hits that might have been aimed at my cruisers instead. The Hammerhead fared better, surviving the mad dash into the Imperial line and would have been in a position to bother the Gozanti and generally be distracting.

The escorts were sacrificial, though, and the real firepower came from the broadsides on the cruisers and boy did they deliver. Admiral Ackbar certainly earned his squid ink today.


Although I didn’t manage to catch anyone between both broadsides (the slippery Quasar Fire didn’t fall for that trap) they proved more that effective attacking targets on their own.

The Imperial fighters were a worry and the TIE aces were especially impressive, something I will consider when drafting my next Imperial fleet. They certainly dealt with the X-Wings better than I’ve ever managed to! But with the Quasar Fire moving away and no Demolisher to hold the centre there wasn’t much left to use Squadron commands on them by the end.

Tactically, the two-pronged charge worked well with the ships getting into position on the first turn. Knowing that the Imperial reinforcements were going to pop out of hyperspace, I did my best to cover the objective tokens to limit Andy’s deployment choices. This did squeeze my ‘prongs’ together a bit tighter than I’d have liked and I did struggle for space at times. If there had been an ISD on the board I probably needed a bigger net to catch it in.
Nevertheless, Admiral Nelson would have been proud, but I’ll do well to remember the wise words of Han Solo….