Watch Game 3 here.

Watch Game 4 here.

All four lead-up games are now done, and Admiral Motti’s defence of the Tatooine system remains seemingly unassailable.
Four Rebel losses are not making me feel very confident about the final confrontation!

The games have been a mixed bag. My terrible defeat in Game 1 was matched only by my terrible defeat in Game 3. I didn’t pay enough attention to the

RIMMER: It’s the last thing they’ll be expecting — a daylight charge
   over the minefield.

damage dealt by the minefields objective and was very unlucky to suffer a maximum six out of six damage. If I’d properly read the objective card my set up would certainly have been different as I’d have moved far, far away from those nasty explosives!

I had planned to try and pick off a Gozanti early on in order to reduce the Imperial activations before gunning all-in for the ISD. The support Gozanti kept themselves out of harms way, though, but still proved an annoyance by directing the Imperial squadrons. That means that what actually happened was a piecemeal attack on the ISD – I didn’t need the results of the previous games to tell me that was never going to work.

My squadrons did so-so. I had split them during deployment with the intention of getting them all back together before attacking the enemy flagship. The TIE Fighters and Interceptors managed to prevent them from joining up, though.
Norra’s ability worked well with the B-Wings and although she made a dash for freedom at the end it was sadly not to be. With the interference of the Imperial squadrons, my bombing was never as effective as I’d hoped.

The loss of Mon Mothma and her flagship felt pretty inevitable after that first mine went off. I struggled to get the broadsides into play while facing several turns of turbolasers from the ISD.

All in all, a very dismal and unsatisfying loss. Bad movement led to ineffective firing from the Rebels. I can only assume Mon Mothma was suffering from battle fatigue… The only silver lining was Jaina’s Light limping through the fight along with Raymus Antilles.


Game 4 had more in common with our second game – a closer result instead of a near-total wipe out and a much more enjoyable game.
Dropping the Aspiration Raddus bomb was very satisfying, but good positioning from Andy gave me an unhappy choice – drop the Aspiration in the centre where it could fire at (and be fired at in return) all three Imperial ships? Or deploy to one side which would limit the effectiveness?
I went for option 2 and was able to overpower the VSD but that meant I couldn’t challenge the Imperial flagship in the remaining turns. Still, if I’d gone front and centre the Aspiration would certainly have been destroyed with no guarantee of taking down the Interdictor first.

Surviving means I get to take the title through to the last battle along with Caitken & Shollan. Leia Organa also survives to my veteran pool so I’ve got a decent bunch of stuff to build a fleet with.

The loss of Raddus himself was unfortunate – I should have seen the danger coming and kept him safe, but a lucky round of shooting from the VSD did enough damage to enable the Imperials to easily finish Raddus off the following turn.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

My squadrons did pretty well for the bargain amount of points I paid. Biggs was a revelation and I’ll definitely be happy to use him again with some more wingmates. I was so outnumbered he was never going to survive, though, but he went down fighting, and soaked up a lot of damage while he was at it.



Next stop – the final confrontation, a new commander and the fate of Tatooine…