Round 3

Watch Game 3 here.

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Mission: Minefields

This game saw my Star Destroyers maraud all over the Rebel Fleet, with the enemy flagship running straight into a crossfire between my two heavy hitters. MC80s are tough, but even they can’t trade blows with a pair of SDs for multiple turns, especially after it’s already picked up a nasty crit as a result of blundering through into a mine.

A nice pick up was being able to catch Norra Wexley with the last roll of the game, although Raymus Antilles had spent the battle on Jainas Light and was able to quit the battlefield unmolested: Had the rebel commander decoyed me with the flagship in order to get key strategic assets through?

Victory card:

Victory Card 3.png

Selected: Dragon’s Nest

I feel like the Imperials can bring enough brawling power that I’ll be able to muscle my opponent off it and take advantage of it’s benefits for myself.

Dragon’s Nest itself is an Orbital Ring shipyard around Zarr Prime, the sector capital, I just now realised while trying to look it up on Wookiepedia that it is in fact Chris’s original creation for his Age of Rebellion tabletop RPG campaign. **Original Content** Do not steal the idea of the Imperials building a particularly large space station!

Round 4

Watch Game 4 here.

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Mission: Intel Sweep

Somehow, this is my first game against Raddus so my focus was on keeping him off my valuable Interdictor and ensuring he engaged one of the essentially disposable Victory class Star Destroyers.

I kept in a close formation so either could be supported by the Interdictor‘s Targeting Scrambler – which worked great and prevented damage steadily throughout the game – so that by the time the Aspiration had burned through the old Vic I battle-wagon there was no time for it to land decisive blows against the Interdictor.


In the meanwhile I’d had the opportunity to shred the rest of his fleet; Hammerheads and CR90 Corvettes continuing to prove that once you get up close all it takes to put them down is a solid kick in the grill.

Victory Card:

Victory Card 5

Selected: Role Specializations

At this point I liked the upgrade selection I’d secured for myself and didn’t think there were any gaping holes in it, so this was mostly about denying my opponent from putting any surprises on me.