I would like to take this opportunity to say I welcome our new Imperial Overlords. Or one overlord at least, in the form of undefeated Admiral Motti. His ISDs proved to be just too tough for my pitiful band of rebels.


Looking back over the campaign as a whole it has been a mixed bag; two appalling defeats and two close defeats built up to the closest defeat of them all! And it’s hard to be too gutted after playing a game as much fun as that final conflict.

That said, I am annoyed at my mistake that could well have turned the game into a solid Rebel victory, but more on that later.

So, although the Imperials outbid me by a point, Andy preferred to see where my flagship was deploying so opted to go second – fine by me! My deployment didn’t quite fall into my planned tactic as the Pelta ended up on one flank along with my squadrons. The reasoning here was that the Pelta packs double AA and could also go toe-to-toe with the Quasar Fire if needed.


This turned out just fine – I didn’t feel like I needed the smaller ships to ‘lead me in’.

Things certainly started out well – Jaina’s Light was able to hold the middle ground and prove a nuisance that the Imperials couldn’t ignore  (Ackbar broadsides with the TRCs was impressive) while Aspiration moved around the back of the enemy and dealt some hefty damage.

The squadrons and Pelta kept the right flank held up as planned, preventing the nasty Imperial aces from blitzing my flagship.


And then things went a bit wrong. The loss of the Fortitude in a single round was unexpected and it coupled with my failure to finish of the Interdictor, Motti’s extra hull points keeping it in play. That meant I had to throw more shots at it the following turn to finish it off – not as simple as it sounds when you take into account the Targetting Scrambler.

The big mistake came with the Imperial blockade of my flagship. Head-to-head ramming meant neither ship was going anywhere which also meant I was never able to catch Motti between the two brutal broadsides from my Mon Cal ships as I’d planned.
72501801-79F6-4318-9E81-4C7BB67190FFBut I completely overlooked the fact that the ISD was in my side arc! Or rather, I overlooked it the turn after we collided and started firing at the Quasar instead. Had I paid any attention at all, Ackbar’s broadside would have cleared that roadblock and allowed my flagship to move freely, maybe even giving me the double whammy on Motti’s flagship that I needed.

As it turned out, taking constant damage from the ramming and ISD front battery was too much for even the defensively-kitted Mon Cal and a solid round of shooting from the Imperials finished it off. Up until that point the game had been very much in the balance but we both knew that the loss of a flagship would man loss of the game.

Still, it was a damn good game! And clearly the Rebellion were only feigning their interest in the Tatooine system, pulling the Imperials out of line so they could attack a much more valuable target.
Or something…